Plus-size Custom-made FULL COLLAR Xhosa-style


FULL COLLAR & Bracelet with Cow Horn Bangle
On my recent travels to Africa, my tour guide Tingo ( took me to purchase Seed bead jewelry. He guided me to a tiny shop where I met a sweet Kenyan woman, Elizabeth. I was overwhelmed by the collection of beautiful tribal jewelry. However, I realized the color combinations didn't include the colors I wear and purchase. I realized I was looking for color combinations that represent my "tribes" in the US. My sorority colors (Alpha Kappa Alpha) are Pink and Green. My alma mater (Florida A&M is orange and green). So, I asked Elizabeth to make pieces for me and was blown away by these traditional African style mantles in my uniquely American colors. That led me to commission many other color combinations to fit the American "tribes" of my friends and family! I hope you enjoy our collaboration! Please see my other listings for other uniquely American color combinations! If you are interested in specific that are not shown, please send me a message!

This Full Collar encircles the neck and connects at the neck and upper back. This is a plus-size collar and will fit Women's size 20-28. The entire width of the front is carried around to the back. The bracelet completes the set. CUSTOM MADE. OTHER COLORS ARE AVAILABLE

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